RSG International crash truck arrived from Canada to Elmo’s workshop

Elmo is proud to kick off the year with a significant development that underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of teledriving technology and safety at highway works. A special gift from Canada has just arrived at our workshop – the Ford F550 crash truck, generously shipped by our partners at RSG International.

Ford F550 in Elmo’s workshop at Pakri Smart Industrial City

This powerful vehicle has been strategically chosen for its suitability in showcasing the robust capabilities of Elmo’s teledriving technology. The retrofitting process is now underway, as our skilled team gears up to integrate our cutting-edge solutions into the very framework of this formidable machine.

The arrival of the Ford F550 crash truck represents more than just a physical milestone; it symbolizes a shared vision for global impact in the realm of highway safety. This collaboration transcends borders and demonstrates the interconnectedness of our efforts to make roads safer worldwide.

For those curious about the intricate details of our partnership and the journey toward making highway safety even safer, we invite you to explore our dedicated article: Revolutionizing Road Safety: Elmo licenses its technology to global road safety leader RSG international.

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