Revolutionizing Road Safety: Elmo licenses its technology to global road safety leader RSG international

Elmo, the Estonian company behind the world’s first road-legal teledriving technology, is proud to announce a licensing agreement with RSG International, a renowned global leader in the road safety sector and well-known for its cutting-edge research and road safety product development. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing road safety technology and creating new opportunities in the field.

Elmo’s teledriving technology, which is currently in operation on public streets, has caught the attention of RSG International due to its transformative potential for the road safety sector. Under the terms of the agreement, Elmo will license its technology to RSG International, allowing for the retrofitting of teledriving technology onto RSG’s Ford F550 crash trucks. Additionally, Elmo will work on integrating new features into its teledriving station, making it more accessible for individuals with disabilities to operate the station and forging new career paths within the road safety industry.

“We have tested self-driving vehicles, but teledriving is a much more effective solution for the road safety sector, both today and in the future. When Elmo picked us up at the airport in their teledriven car and drove us to the hotel, we immediately understood that this was the company we wanted to partner with,” stated Elliot Steele, Vice President of Technology at RSG International.

RSG International’s decision to partner with Elmo follows rigorous validation and analysis of the teledriving solution’s potential for their operations. The collaboration is expected to yield strategic benefits for both organizations.

Enn Laansoo, Jr., CEO and Founder of Elmo, commented, “RSG International opens three very strategic doors for us. First is the road safety sector, where we can license our teledriving technology. The second is the Ford F550, which is a well-used platform in various other sectors. RSG will become the missing puzzle piece for our North America market strategy.”

The overarching goal of this partnership is to enhance road safety by retrofitting existing crash trucks with teledrivable technology, removing human operators from these vehicles and thereby reducing risks to human lives. Furthermore, the agreement seeks to expand the capabilities of teledrivers, creating new job functions in the modern road safety sector.

About RSG International:

RSG International is a globally recognized leader in the road safety sector, comprising a conglomerate of industry-leading road safety businesses across North America. These include B&K Enterprises, Dimensional Products, RoadBlock Solutions, Pivot Safety Products, Peninsula Construction, Powell Contracting, Summit Rentals, and more. Together, these companies cover all aspects of road safety infrastructure, including product development, distribution, installation, and traffic management.

For more information, please visit RSG International’s website.

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