World's first road-legal teledriving technology

Revolutionizing car sharing: Since 2022, Elmo Rent has remotely delivered electric cars to customers with our innovative technology – a first in Europe.


In our electric car-sharing business Elmo Rent, we wanted to optimize business and decrease environmental impact, so we created remote control technology to deliver cars

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Our technology is road-legal

Elmo Remote is approved by Estonia’s Transport Administration and is a fully road-legal teledriving technology.

Proven in daily use

Our car sharing business Elmo Rent currently serves a market of 19,000 customers and a car park of 140 electric vehicles. Our road-legal product works daily in real traffic serving real customers.

Wide application

Car sharing/renting, shuttle and robotaxis, AV fleet management, advanced mobility and other applications are possible where human labor is very expensive.

Our competitive advantage

Elmo is the only company with both a road-legal technology platform and a car sharing fleet in active use that proves the technology’s viability. We’re also a Nasdaq-listed company.

Our technology is available for licensing for an array of applications including
car sharing/renting | shuttle & robo-taxis | AV fleet management | advanced mobility

Our story

Elmo was founded in Estonia, a tech-savvy nation with a reputation for producing billion-dollar tech companies. Despite our small population of 1.3 million, we knew we had to maximize our resources to operate a successful car sharing business. That’s why we created Elmo Remote with cutting-edge technology that allows us to move vehicles to where they’re needed or deliver them directly to our customers.

Our contactless ordering system ensures that an Elmo Rent electric vehicle arrives at your doorstep precisely when you need it, making it possible for us to serve more customers with fewer resources than our competitors.

At Elmo, we’re driven by a green vision that extends beyond just urban mobility. Our parent company owns PAKRI Smart Industrial City, a green energy ecosystem that embodies our commitment to energy-saving technologies that create a better living environment.

Our key people

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