Elmo’s teledriving technology successfully validated with Starlink and Nokia

Last week, Elmo made significant progress in advancing teledriving technology, successfully validating our system across two cutting-edge network connections in diverse geographic settings.

Advanced network prioritization in Finland’s urban centers

In the dynamic public streets of Tampere and Espoo, Finland, our collaboration with industry leaders Nokia and Elisa showcased the robustness of our road-legal teledrivable electric cars. Despite heavy network traffic, our teledrivable vehicles were prioritized for “quality network on demand,” ensuring seamless operational capability even under challenging conditions. This trial not only demonstrated the effectiveness of 5G networks in supporting high-demand teledriving scenarios but also reinforced our technology’s reliability and efficiency.

Pioneering teledriving with Starlink in Kyiv and other remote areas of Ukraine

Concurrently, our team extended validation to include remote operations in Ukraine, utilizing SpaceX’s Starlink technology to ensure uninterrupted communication between our teledrivable Nissan Navara and its control station. This validation was pivotal in proving the viability of satellite communications in supporting our teledriving solutions across vast distances and varied terrains.

Future outlook and global impact

These breakthroughs across both terrestrial 4G and 5G networks, as well as extraterrestrial Starlink connections, signify a crucial advancement for Elmo’s teledriving applications. Our technology is now validated to function flawlessly in a wide range of network settings worldwide, enhancing safety and efficiency and different price ranges. As we progress, Elmo is committed to broadening the reach of our teledriving technology into new markets, extending beyond car sharing to include innovative applications in sectors such as logistics, military, private vehicles and other.

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