Tele-Driving Breakthrough: Canadian TMA Truck Makes Global Debut in Amsterdam

Canada’s first tele-driven TMA truck, utilizing groundbreaking technology from Estonian company Elmo, will debut at Intertraffic in Amsterdam, potentially revolutionizing road safety and construction practices across the globe.

Amsterdam, NL– The debut of Canada’s first tele-driven TMA truck is set to take place at Intertraffic in Amsterdam, the world’s premier international trade fair dedicated to traffic infrastructure, management, road safety, and parking.

RSG International, a global leader in road safety infrastructure recently inked a licensing agreement with Elmo, the Estonian company behind groundbreaking road legal tele-driving technology. Significant progress has been made after an early Christmas gift in the form of a Ford F550 arrived last year from Canada into Estonia, since then, the truck has been retrofitted and soon will be on display in the North American market.

“This project hasn’t been without its hurdles. While we’ve had prior experience and were proficient in upgrading electrical vehicles in past projects, the Ford F550 posed unique challenges with its hydraulic power steering and braking system. However, after overcoming some trial and error, our team of great engineers successfully adapted our technology. Now, we possess the necessary skills and experience to retrofit an entire fleet of crash trucks,” adds Enn Laansoo, Jr., CEO and founder of Elmo.

The technology will have a live presentation at Intertraffic demo area D1, hall 7. The vehicle which is still in Tallinn EST will be driven remotely from Amsterdam by a licensed tele-driver under the Estonian Traffic Department.

The truck can be taken throughout the European Union for promotions until May when it will be delivered back to Canada.

“The integration of this technology would in theory allow us to remove drivers from TMA truck vehicles, ensuring their safety during operations. Our research and development team are eager to do our testing to see if tele-driving will be a good fit for the road and construction industry across Canada,” explains Elliot Steele, Vice President of Technology at RSG International.

Remotely controllable Ford F550 crash truck live presentation in the Netherlands is organized together with Dutch Automated Mobility (DAM), a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology. Partnership agreement with DAM also includes teledriving technology promotion and licensing in Netherland market.

Elmo’s road legal tele-driving technology has been used in public car-sharing services since 2022 and is legal today in 3 countries. The company, which is developing similar technology for military use, has run testing and started road legal permitting in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, the US and other countries.

About RSG International:
RSG International is a global leader in the road safety sector, creating cutting-edge solutions for life-saving problems. Its companies cover all areas of road safety infrastructure, including construction and installation, product distribution, new product development, and auxiliary services. See RSG International.

About Elmo:
Elmo is the company behind the world’s first road-legal tele-driving technology development that has been in operation in public car-sharing services since 2022. Elmo’s tele-drivable cars operate daily on public streets in two cities in Estonia and Helsinki, Finland, and have gathered valuable experience from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, and the US. For more information, please visit Elmo.

About Dutch Automated Mobility

Dutch Automated Mobility stands at the forefront of autonomous and remote-controlled systems, specializing in automated transport solutions for both people and logistics. With a proven track record in the Netherlands, they are committed to the safe and successful implementation of autonomous technology. See Dutch Automated Mobility

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