Elmo revolutionizes urban mobility with World’s First road-legal teledriving technology

Innovative teledriving solution delivers electrical cars directly to users’ doorsteps, transforming car-sharing services.

Elmo, a leader in teledriving technology solutions, proudly announces the successful deployment of its road-legal teledriving technology on public streets, marking a world-first in the automotive industry. This revolutionary technology now powers car-sharing services, enabling vehicles to be remotely controlled right to the user’s doorstep.

Elmo’s teledriving technology represents a significant breakthrough in urban mobility, having successfully navigated extensive regulatory and technical hurdles to ensure the utmost safety and reliability on public roads. This innovative system enables users to effortlessly order a vehicle through a dedicated app, which driverless navigates to their location without the need for a human driver.

The introduction of this technology markedly enhances user convenience while substantially reducing the number of parked vehicles required in city centers. This reduction plays a critical role in decreasing urban traffic congestion and lowering pollution levels, heralding a new era of sustainable urban transportation solutions.

“This milestone isn’t merely a triumph of technology; it’s a transformative shift for urban mobility,” remarked Enn Laansoo, Jr., CEO and co-founder of ELMO. “Our team is excited to be at the forefront of integrating sophisticated teledriving technologies into daily life, thereby redefining standards for transportation efficiency and safety.”

Looking to the future, Elmo is committed to scaling this technology globally and beyond its current applications. Plans are already underway to introduce teledriving solutions to additional cities and to penetrate new market segments such as logistics and personal transportation, promising a wider impact on global mobility paradigms.

Elmo is an Estonian company primarily engaged in the development of innovative deep tech technology for remotely controlled vehicles (see elmoremote.com) and in providing eco-friendly car-sharing services (see elmorent.ee). Elmo is the first car rental company in Estonia to be certified with a responsible company quality mark.

Video from Estonian National Television main news program “Aktuaalne Kaamera”, see https://www.err.ee/1608799978/elmo-rendiautod-hakkavad-kliendini-soitma-kaugjuhtimise-teel

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