Remote controlled car in Latitude 59 – Estonia’s biggest tech conference

In May 19. – 20, Elmo was demonstrating its remote controlled car technology to the visitors of the biggest tech conference in Estonia – Latitude 59. During the event we had our remote controller basestation with the steering wheel, pedals, drivers seat, etc, inside the conference hall, whereas our remote controlled car was stationed outside of the building.

There was a lot of interest from the visitors about our setup, as many stopped to see what’s going on with the guys around a “computer rally gaming chair.” The main questions people had were about the implementation of this technology. We explained to them that we’re going to start delivering our rental cars to the clients doorstep remotely and with great efficiency. Our team showed them how this technology helps make environmentally friendly car sharing a better alternative to owning a personal car and how it can declutter our cities from countless cars, reduce CO2 emissions and create more interesting jobs.

Our tech team, including Priit Haljak (CTO) and Thomas Tasuja (chief engineer) was there to show the people how the car is remotely driven by the pros. As always, the founder and CEO of Elmo, Enn Laansoo, jr. cheered people on and encouraged them to sit in the drivers seat. And it worked! The bravest of visitors got to try driving our car remotely themselves and everyone succeeded without a scratch on the car.

Even the former president of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid gave it a go and was really pleasantly surprised. She saw the larger potential in remote controller technology and also gave an interview in french, because our remote controlled car will be visiting France in May 29th.

The event was a great success for Elmo, as it sparked interest in many high-profile tech figures visiting the conference, gave people a chance to try out the new technology and allowed our tech team to gather more testing data from the car. Next stop for Elmo will be ITS European Congress in Tolouse, France in 29th of May. See you there 😉

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