Elmo made history by teledriving from Vilnius an electric car locating in Tallinn 

Elmo, who is the world’s first street legal teledriving technology developr whose technology is used in car-sharing services since 2022, has made history in the field of teledriving. For the first time, a passanger car was teledriven between countries and on snowy roads, with Elmo’s technology controlling a teledrivable car in Tallinn, Estonia, from the capital city of Lithuania, Vilnius. During the journey, which lasted over half an hour, there were no communication interruptions or technological setbacks. 

“Many of our potential customers have inquired about international teledriving, and it is gratifying to see that our technology works flawlessly. From a technological perspective, our system operated with the same latency and quality 600 km away as it does when in the same city,” rejoices Elmo’s founder and CEO, Enn Laansoo, Jr. “From Elmo’s perspective, it is important to demonstrate that our technology, developed for 4G, actually functions over such distances, and through valuable experience, we have practically proven this.” 

“After our initial meeting at last year’s Toulouse ITS Congress, I invited the Elmo team to our Transport Innovation Forum in Vilnius this year, and it was surprising to see the progress in the meantime. We are proud that Lithuania was involved in this historic event in the remote control sector,” said Asta Kazlauskienė, the Strategic Partnership Manager at the Lithuanian Transport Innovation Association. “Lithuania is a very good place for testing innovative teledriving and autonomous technologies, and through practical demonstration, we were able to introduce the wide potential of teledriving to logistics and transport entrepreneurs during the forum.” 

The teledriving of a car on the roads of Tallinn, Estonia, from the capital Vilnius, Lithuania, took place during the Transport Innovation Forum on November 23-24. Elmo was recognized by the forum’s jury as the technology company with the greatest potential. It is also noteworthy from a technological standpoint that, in addition to the car being on a 4G network, the remote operator’s workspace in Vilnius was connected to a 4G network (meaning both ends had a 4G connection), which is typically connected to a more stable and faster wired connection. Legislation for cross-border teledriving still needs further development. 

To date, Elmo has teledriven its technology and gained valuable experience in nine countries (including the USA), over 25 cities, obtained street driving permits in three countries, and operates daily teledriving services on public roads in Estonia and Finland.  Elmo is an Estonian company specializing in the development of innovative deep-tech technology for teledrivable cars (see elmoremote.com). In 2022, Elmo became the world’s first deep-tech company to introduce its street-legal teledrivable cars and certified teledrivers into real car-sharing services. Elmo’s teledrivable car has been driven and showcased for licensing purposes on the streets of major cities such as Paris, Munich, Hannover, Hamburg, Zurich, Vienna, Helsinki, Rotterdam, Vilnius, Los Angeles, and others.

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